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Hope Therapeutic Massage is located in the heart of downtown St. Albert. We are a clinic of health practitioners operating out a office space by the river. We enjoy helping people and specialize in providing HOPE to a balanced life style. Whether you are a busy parent, or a weekend warrior, we hope our clinic can be a part of your wellness life style.

Each Practitioner has their own business operating under the same roof. We all have the same vision to help people during sports  injuries, pregnancies, women's health concerns, stressful seasons and management through your ailments. With each Practitioner having many years of experience, we will all aim to work together in providing your wellness care through a treatment plan specific to your needs and wants.

To see each Practitioner's write up you can go to the "Member" tab. Each Practitioner has their own booking system and website if you would like to learn more about them, which will be labeled under their profile. (NOTE: still to come) 

We hope to be a part of your journey to your wellness care.

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