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If you do not see a question here please feel free to contact me through email at

I will get back to you within 24 hours

  • Can you directly bill to my extended health benefit company?
    Yes for Massage Therapy only, I can direct bill to most extended health benefit companies. However, some health benefit plans do not allow direct billing to your provider. If this is the case, I can give you a receipt with my association number to submit yourself to your company. Do be aware, sometimes the portal system does go down where I can not submit the massage on your behalf. You will be responsible to submit your receipt to your extended health benefits provider.
  • What if I have two extended health benefit companies?
    If you have two companies, I can direct bill to both of them, if the plan allows us to bill on your behalf. You will have to find out if your company allows this. I can not see what type of plan you have. If you know your plan allows it, bring both cards or plan numbers with you to your first massage session.
  • What does my extended health benefit company plan cover?
    Every plan will be different for each person. You will have to contact your extended benefits plan to see how much you're covered for in a full year and what the percentage will be covered per massage session. I will not be able to see how much your benefits have been used in a year. This is something you will have to keep track of on your own.
  • What should I expect when I am new to massage therapy?
    I am glad to see new people trying massage therapy for the first time because of all kinds of reasons. When you arrive we will spend time discussing your goals, I will ask questions regarding your type of treatment you need, you can ask me questions, and then we will start the massage. During the massage you will be covered the whole time, I will only expose the area I am working on. I will alway communicate and/or ask if I can work in a area that is not common. Let me know about the pressure of the massage treatment, table heat, if the room is too bright or you do not like the music, I can change that. I always want my clients to feel comfortable. And I am always open to feedback.
  • What is RAPID NeuroFacial Reset (NFR)
    Rapid NFR is a new soft tissue therapeutic technique which uses movement of the muscles to tackle the central nervous system to reduce pain and/or restriction in muscles, tendons, fascia, nerves and ligaments. ​ A lot of our pain if often a direct result of hypersensitivity to the nervous system due to past injuries, emotional/physical/mental stresses or surgeries. Once the body is stressed the brain sends a lock down in the bodies tissues through: acute injuries (pulls, tears, collisions, etc), a build up of small tears (micro-trauma) not getting enough oxygen (hypoxia). ​ Each of these reasons above can cause the brain to lock down the neurological signal to the tissue producing the pain so it wont be able to move and function fully in its range of motion. This neurological lock will start to build up into an adhesion and restrict the tissues from moving which, over time, will cause the muscles to become shorter and weaker, tendons will create tendinitis, and the nerves will get trapped.
  • How does a session with RAPID work?
    Every time you come in, each session will be a combination of assessment and treatment. I will use my hands, over your clothing, to evaluate the tendons, muscles, ligaments or fascia. Once I find the adhesion, I will apply a direct pressure to the area and Ill guide the client to move their body in a specific way. ​ These treatments will potentially be uncomfortable during the movement phase, especially the first movement. This will happen because the neurological system is being stimulated to restore back to its normal function. You will be fully dressed in stretch clothing like yoga pants or work out gear. I will only need 30-45 minutes max with you.
  • How often should I receive massage therapy?
    It will all depend on your treatment plan. Over the years I have noticed numerous treatments to be most beneficial when targeting a specific issue. For example; if it is an acute injury we may look at 1-2x a week for potential 6 weeks. If it is a chronic, relaxation or preventative treatment we can look at 1 time a week for a few weeks and then move to 1x a month as maintenance. This will all vary to each person and each treatment plan.
  • Do I need deep tissue?
    Most times in my experience deep tissue isn't needed. There are many other modalities that can be just as effective. However, if you'd like a deep tissue I can do that for you.
  • What happens after a massage session?
    Once we discuss the findings and see how you feel when you are moving around. I can give you home care exercises.And we can discuss a treatment plan further, if needed. It will be best to drink lots of water in the two days after the massage.
  • What type of payment do you accept?
    All kinds, e-transfer, cash, debit/credit. Just NO American Express.
  • Where will my massage session take place?
    I have a designated massage room in my home. I have a seperate entrance for all clients. The massage room is in a quiet, warm and relaxing room with a heated massage table and set up specifically for your comfort.
  • What do I wear during a massage session?
    You have the choice to be partially or fully clothed during the session. I will only expose the areas we discussed one at a time during the massage. All other areas not being massaged will be fully covered by sheets and a blanket.
  • Do you offer couples massages?
    Unfortunatly, at this time I do not.
  • Do you take Walk-ins?
    I do not take walk ins. Please contact me or make a appoitment through Jane.
  • How does a pregnant women lie down during a massage?
    There are two ways we can make you comfortable. We can lye you down on your side with lots of pillows to make you feel comfortable. I can guide you on where to put the pillows. The other choice is to lie on specific pregnancy pillows that have holes for your belly and breasts. If you aren't sure which would be most comfortable we can try both when you arrive. You can also change your mind for your next session if you feel your belly has changed and its no longer comfortable in one position.
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