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I have a cancellation and no show policy in place. If you cancel less than 24 hours you will be charged the full amount of your treatment. If you do not show up for your appointment you will be charged the full amount as well. Emergency situations will be determined at my discretion when I am contacted. 

I do provide reminder texts, and emails before your treatment. If you know you can't make the appointment in advance, I ask that you see if another family member, co-worker or friend can take your place. Please contact me to let me know of the changes.


** If you need to shorten your treatment time when you come in, I will be able to do that but the charge will still be your original cost. For example you book a 60 min massage and then you decide you can only do 45 min. I will still charge you for the 60 min massage. 


Please aim to arrive 10-15 mins early to go over paper work and discussion of your treatment. If you are running late, contact me right away. I will try to make up the remainder of your time missed.


Parking: there is a lot of street parking available in front of the house. You will have no worries finding parking. 


Stair limitations: there are 10 stairs to go down use while accessing the clinic room.   


Entrance: do not enter in the front door. Walk along the left side of the house to follow the walkway and you will see a gate. Enter through the gate to the back yard. Here you will see the back door entrance to get to the basement. There will be signs posted to assist you. 

Once you arrive, we will discuss direct billing to your extended health benefits company, your patient history form and what your goals are for your treatment. Your patient history form can be filled out in advance for your convenience on the Jane program when you book your treatment. 

You can undress to your comfort during the massage treatment. During massage treatments,  I will only be accessing the section of the body I am treating at one time. I will always ask or communicate to you what areas I will be treating. If you are coming for a RAPID treatment or Manual Osteopathic therapy treatment, leave your clothing on and I will work through the thin clothing. 

Once the treatment is done, if needed, I will provide home care exercises and discussion of a treatment plan.


All treatments at my clinic are discussed and treated with therapy in mind. Sexual discussion or behavior will NOT be accepted or tolerated in my clinic and I will stop the massage immediately. Full payment will be charged. 

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